Belt Run Woman Black

Size: L-XL
Sale price € 10,00


6-Pocket Storage Belt ARCh MAX Belt Run

The belt ARCh MAX Run prepared to be able to carry the sticks, It is made with ultralight lycra. It is reversible, so you have a different color on each side. 

It has 6 pockets to store your items when running, the main pocket with a handle for easy opening and it comes in three sizes S (indicated for sportswear size S-M), L (indicated for sportswear size L -XL) and XXL.

It has two rubber bands duly designed with a silicone in the middle so that the sticks do not move horizontally or bounce. Additionally, you can carry it alone or with a 300 ARCh MAX Softflask.

"All our vests and belts are made with High performance sustainable technical lycra, made with 100% recycled polyester"




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